City Lights


We want to reach the hip-hop community with the good news of Jesus Christ and we invite you to consider supporting us. The following are a handful of ways you or anyone you know (individuals, families, or organisations) could do so and it could help us.

We need people to pray for our group and for the hip-hop community. Trust, he listens and answers!

Pass Along
If you know someone that could use some more of God in their life, please invite them to link with us.

If you would like to provide goods, resources, funds, or services (tangible or intangible), let us know.

So many have already helped and we thank them so much! It’s all been helpful, encouraging, appreciated, and used wisely. If you would like to help, know of someone else who would, have questions to ask first, or would simply like to provide words of wisdom or support, do not hesitate to connect with us as we would love to talk with you.

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