City Lights vision page picMy name is Youngdo and I’m a Christian and a “hip-hop head”. I enjoy the “elements” (emceeing, deejaying, graffiti writing, and breaking), its history, and the people. I’ve actually been into hip-hop longer than I have Jesus Christ and even after I discovered his love and leadership (as a young adult), hip-hop stayed with me.

During my times of being a pastor, people would ask me to help in their hip-hop plans, from handing out flyers to writing for magazines to coordinating Facebook pages. Once in a while I would get busy and put them aside, but they kept coming back.

Eventually I realized that God was trying to tell me something so I started small a hip-hop ministry that was dope and successful. Then in January of 2013, City Lights was born. Mainly through word of mouth, people with different backgrounds, struggles, and histories, of various ages and faith levels have come through. People have been blessed and I’ve enjoyed it.

After more confirmation from God (feel free to ask me about it), I know that he has called me to see Canada’s hip-hop community forgiven through, and following, Jesus Christ. We are doing some good things already (with more to come) and have met many people, ranging from fans to those deep in the “elements”. With the support and teamwork of others – including you – I hope to see our vision become a reality.

It’d also be great to be able to work with others (local or around the world) that also want to reach those in the hip-hop culture with God’s grace and truth.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or encouragement.

God loves you,